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Rustic Casual Strawberry Lemon Galette with Cheesecake Filling and Fresh Strawberries

March 30, 2023
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I am a proud ‘card carrying member’ of the Rustic Casual baking genre, and this rustic strawberry lemon galette perfectly showcases that style of baking.

Rustic Casual means the focus is on the flavors, textures, and overall taste of whatever you’re baking, instead of focusing on the decorations. That aesthetic appeals to me on a number of levels, mostly because I don’t have the patience for overly elaborate decorations, and I follow and adore other bakers and chefs who allow the flavors and end result of their food rule their decisions. Not fondant, not sprinkles, not piles and piles of frosting, no frills, and very little glitz. Just the best way to showcase the flavors and textures and the experience of eating delicious and satisfying baked goods.

This style of baking seems so much more approachable, and it still looks amazing, even without all the frills! Plus, it doesn’t take hours of tedious decorating to call it done. I’m sure every French Pastry chef, cookie decorator, or Fancy Decorated Cake Maker is groaning at that statement, and I agree there is always a time and a place for the fancy and tedious, just not when you find ZERO pleasure in all the tiny decorating details like me. I can do all that stuff, I just don’t want to. Join me in my rebelion against the time stealing decorating!

Rustic Casual isn’t a blanket term for ‘Easy’ or ‘Boring’, it just means more time is spent on the content than on the excess of frills or accents. Think ‘naked cake,’ or a pie that has its juices bubbling out with abandon, undecorated cookies and biscuits busting with flavor, Bundt Cakes topped with delicious glazes and fillings, or this simple and rustically elegant galette.

This galette is fairly easy and very straight forward, and it ends up baking up nice and golden with the roasted strawberries and cheesecake filling making a perfect rustic treat. Then, to make it even more delicious, top it with some fresh strawberries and cream for a delectable dessert worthy of all the effort.

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