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Welcome to Bohm Bakes!

Let’s Create Moments of Zen in the Kitchen

I, like a lot of you, use baking to find that little moment for myself, a moment of zen, and for stress relief. Creating the time to stop everything else, focus on the delightful and delicious task at hand is my moment of zen in the kitchen. Carving out the time to bake and create is one way to slow down and shift my brain out of hyper-drive, as well as make something delicious! I’ve had a serious sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. My love of sugar, cakes, cookies, chocolate, and all things deliciously sweet has brought me to this journey of using recipes on my ‘baking to-do list’ to de-stress, sharing what I bake, and sharing what I learn!

My focus is delicious cuisine created with passion and inspired by the fantastic flavors of Croatia, Slovenia, France, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and of course the good old US of A. I’m experimenting with anything I can get my hands on, and love trying new and old recipes and finding fresh and creative ways to update them. I’ll venture to any country if the flavors call my name! In my day job, I am the Marketing Director and Travel Specialist for Exclusive Adventures and Adventures Croatia so I’ve been able to experience these flavors and cultures first-hand. For me, it’s of utmost importance to experience the life, food, and culture of people all over the world to develop a deeper appreciation and connection to the world outside of my own small town and my own backyard. How better to connect with others than through good food and drink?

So, let’s create something delicious and bake for stress relief together.

Baking and cooking for me are all about the results. The process, creativity, and the science of baking, and of course, the final outcome and how people react to the final results! I enjoy the entire process, from start to finish, regardless of it being perfect. Sometimes, making a mess is even more important than making something perfect.

Baking as Stress Reliever and Creative Outlet

My time in the kitchen is like a meditation. I’m able to focus solely on the joy of discovery, the joy of creation, and the joy of making delicious food. Creating these moments of Zen is addictive! Finding time for this is not an option, it is mandatory for me, my happiness, and my well-being. I highly encourage you to create the time, create the space, and create your own moments of Zen, too.

Welcome to the BOHM SQUAD

Looking for something delicious to bake? Recipes from recent bakes and videos are being added little by little, and I’m developing some new sections for some of my favorites!

Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging…is that still a thing? I may or may not blog about what I bake on a regular basis, I actually prefer to create abbreviated videos of each bake for those who don’t necessarily need a long-winded ‘step by step’ tutorial of each recipe. I tend to make one or more videos a week. If there are requests for full tutorials, that could be something I start doing for the future.

Happy Baking!



Thank you for stopping by! I’ll be adding more content as I make it! Stay tuned!