January 10, 2019

Welcome to the launch of my website for my baking!

I am a self-taught, home baker and use baking as a creative outlet and to find moments of peace and calmness in a busy life. My time in the kitchen is truly a time of deep concentration, and every bake is filled with love and the joy of discovering the perfect combination of flavors, textures, ingredients, baking techniques, timing, and above all TASTE. I’ve always loved baking. And, I love the little bit of SCIENCE mixed with creativity. My main motivation is the end result: sharing with friends and family and that moment of ‘WOW’ when they try my bakes.

I loved baking with my mom when I was little and fell in love with pumpkin pie and other holiday treats she would bake. I enjoyed my ‘home ec’ class in Jr. High where one of the first things I baked on my own was Zucchini bread, and ever since then I have been baking from scratch, and it’s now over 35 years later. Experimenting and trying many recipes over the years, sharing with friends and family whenever possible. Although I stopped eating sugar and flour for a bit all in the name of ‘being healthy’…but after a few years of trying a few different restrictive diets, I’ve taken on the motto of “Finding Balance”, and I’ve been able to incorporate my love of chocolate, sugar, flour, and butter into my diet in moderation, and brought delicious baked goods back into my life!

Recently having moved into a brand new kitchen, it’s inspired me to get baking again! This website will eventually include some of my newly tested and approved recipes. For now, I’m only posting the photo/video montages of my bakes. They’re not polished or edited professionally, but they are honest and I hope entertaining.

Be sure to become a subscriber to my blog, and make sure to join my VIP List! I’ll be adding new videos as I bake, and when the recipes are available, you’ll be the first to know.

Stay tuned! And thank you for following me!

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